Implementation on max-relay selection in cooperative wireless networks with data compression techniques


In this paper, we proposed the data compression and data security on the wireless network. Relay selection has become one of the most important researches in the past few years. Max-Ratio relay selection in cooperative wireless network introduced to improve the wireless communication. An eavesdropper is used to intercept the data from source to destination with the strongest link. By using relay selection method the secrecy capacity can also improved. The data transmitted from source to relay and relay to destination path. We purpose euclidean distance method to find shortest distance of relay. We used data buffer which are placed on each relay. By using this relay, we transmitted data from source to destination. We introduced two types of new concept in this paper i.e. 1) Data Compression and 2) Secure Data Transmissions. This both the concept used to enhanced the maximum the information rate and for the data security purpose. In this paper, we used RLE (Run Length Encoding) method to data compression and new RC6 block cipher concept to provide the secure and protected data to destination side.


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