A Fast Intra Mode Decision Algorithm for HEVC Using Sobel Operator in Edge Detection


As a successor to H.264/AVC, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard has an outstanding performance than before. To make the coding efficiency higher, one introduced new coding feature in HEVC is adding intra prediction modes up to 35 instead of 9 in H.264, but it increases calculation complexity. To save the coding time, this paper proposes a fast intra mode decision algorithm based on edge detection technology using sobel operator. Because of the principle that sobel operator can find the texture edge directly, the proposed algorithm can save large numbers of coding time with only a little BD-rate rising. Experimental results show that the proposed fast intra mode decision algorithm can save 38.8% computational complexity on average with a 1.6% BD-rate rise.


24 Figures and Tables

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